Celebrating 50 years of the UNIX Operating system

unix50.org is a service of the SDF Public Access UNIX System!

When you connect you'll be able to CREATE and DESTROY an entire UNIX system on a whim.

UNIX Systems available

  UNICS (Version Zero)   PDP-7       Summer   1969
  First Edition UNIX     PDP-11/20   November 1971
  Fifth Edition UNIX     PDP-11/40   June     1974
  Sixth Edition UNIX     PDP-11/45   May      1975
  Seventh Edition UNIX   PDP-11/70   January  1979
  Research UNIX 8        VAX-11/750           1981
  AT&T UNIX System III   PDP-11/70   Fall     1982
  AT&T UNIX System V     PDP-11/70            1983
  AT&T UNIX System V     3b2/400              1984
  4.3 BSD                MicroVAX    June     1986
  2.11 BSD               PDP-11/70   January  1992